Have you ever wondered Why Yellow Letters Work So Well?

This article is meant to try to explain why yellow letters work, and some of the psychology behind why yellow letters work so well.

The most important thing to know is yellow letters DO work.

Here are some of the reasons yellow letters work so well

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  • Yellow Letters Stand Out
  • Yellow Letters Get read
  • The Message is Clear and Concise

Yellow Letters Stand Out

When a person gets a yellow letter in the mail it is completely different than everything else they get on a regular basis.

It doesn’t look like a bill.  It doesn’t look like an advertisement.  It doesn’t look like it is mass produced.  It looks personal.

Yellow Letters stand out from the crowd.

Yellow Letters Get Read

When yellow letters are done right, they will have at least 2 pieces of information that is personalized to the receiver.

For instance; the yellow letters will have the person’s first name on the letter and the address of the property you are trying to acquire.  This is assuming you are using the yellow letter to buy a piece of real estate.

If you are using yellow letters to build a buyers list, they will have the person’s first name and the city of the piece of property they recently purchased is located.

If you are using yellow letters to find private money lenders, they will have the person’s first name along with where the property they recently funded is located.

You should get the idea.   Personalization increases readership.  At the same time, when someone gets a handwritten letter in the mail, it is nearly impossible that they will throw it away without reading it.

The Message is Clear and Concise

One of the key components of the yellow letters that we create for residential and commercial real estate investors is it has a clear message with a simple call to action.

Here is a sample of one of the yellow letters that we mail every day for real estate investors.

Yellow Letters

Sample Real Estate Investor Yellow Letter

You can see that the letter is short (increases readership).

The message is clear, there isn’t any extra information on the letter.

It simply states why we are writing them.  That we would like to BUY their house.

And it only has ONE call to action.  Meaning we want the reader to do ONE thing.  That is for them to pick up the phone and call.

The reason we don’t want them to go to your webpage, is we don’t want them making any decisions based on the copy on your website.  Your website might be great, don’t get me wrong, but you won’t be able to see how many additional people went there due to your mailing.  Having them call you is best.  And yellow letters do an amazing job of getting people to call you.

We have very successfully utilized simple yellow letters to find great real estate deals, build a buyers list, find private investors to fund our deals.

We even use yellow letters to find commercial deals, so when you are ready to step up to that plate, give us a call also.

The real question you should be asking yourself, is “How Can I Use Yellow Letters to Grow My Business?”

The easiest way for you to use yellow letters to grow your real estate business is to give us a call at 619-565-1411 or shoot James an email at: james@UpperHandMarketing.com to discuss how our Done-For-You Marketing programs utilizing yellow letters can help you take your business to the next level.

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