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Hey James,

Samson and Jassie with RIC Commercial. We want to acknowledge the work and guidance you have given us through direct mail marketing, because it has worked.

Before, I go into detail, I do want to address a little history of our previous marketing.

We were doing countless hours of active outbound marketing through brokers, email, internet sites, list, cold calls, and many others.

The entire time we knew of direct mail and yourself but we held off.

We held off until the frustration of fallen agreements we had with other marketers drove us to start doing it ourselves.

Nine months later, of banging our heads on the desk we opted in for your help.

Our target market pulled 320 leads which pulled 16 sellers on the first drop. Yes 16, thats 5% conversion. And they are still trickling in; even after two weeks. We currently have two deals under contract and we can’t thank you enough.

Our business model will be based on direct mail because you know what… IT WORKS! and will continue to.

Looking forward to the growing relationship and expansion of ideas!!

From RIC Commercial

Samson & Jassie truly appreciate your companies services and help.

Thanks JC

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After talking with you yesterday, I realized you’re offering the best service around. I’m looking forward to working and building a long term business relationship.

Thomas Phillips

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I am very pleased to let you know that when I started with the mailers I was very skeptical about the responses I was going to get back. I have done mailings and signs with my residential real estate.  I had James Cappleman send out 400 mailers 68 to self storage, 168 to apartments, and 200 to assisted living, and within a week I had received 35 calls, with 4 potential deals.  I have the opportunity to purchase a 62 bed assisted living home for approx 50 cent on the dollar. I couldn’t be more pleased with the response and still getting calls.

I just wanted to extend my thanks for the support and to let everyone else that hasn’t gone through with the mailings to get on board. YOUR SYSTEM REALLY WORKS WELL, I have received more leads than I could have hoped for and 95% of the people that called me are not even listed on the open market. More opportunity has been made available to me and my business with out the open market knowing these properties exist.  THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOU AND YOUR STAFF’S PROFESSIONALISM AND THE KNOWLAGE THAT YOU EXTEND SO UNCOMPRIMISINGLY

Thank You very much for all you have done for me
Bryan Stephens

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“My group has been using the yellow letter produced by James Cappelmann’s Upper Hand Marketing company for several months now and we have enjoyed a very high response. James has given us great service with better turnaround than we expected. We recommend this service for anyone who wants an effective marketing campaign. ”

Sue in Seattle, WA

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” I am a BELIEVER!!! I sent out 81,000 flyers in the ‘Coin’-Saver and got 11 calls. I mailed out 225 handwritten letters and got 61 calls. Marketing for me is now a no-brainer. ”

Amy R. (Palm Bay, FL)

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“I just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing my sincerest thanks and appreciation for the excellent job you did for me on my two most recent mailings. As you recall, each mailing used the handwritten letter and was mailed to 500 recipients using a combination of my list and the ones you had available. The letters and envelopes were done exactly as promised and were ready to mail in just 3-4 days from order time. But the results from the mailing were just phenomenal!! I got close to a 20% response from the first mailer and an 8% response from the second. Both have resulted in signed deals. Your service is by far worth the expense and saved me a considerable amount of time for not having to do it all myself. I will definitely be continuing to use your services in the future! Thanks again.”

John Zimmerman (San Diego, CA)

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“Holy Cow!!! As of this moment for today I have received 33 responses and 3 email responses to my letters.  I am going to take the day off work tomorrow to do the call backs. Who knows what will happen tomorrow! The letter works.”

Here is one of the latest testimonials from our clients.  It is amazing how a little personalization goes a long way.  For them, we put together a printed letter, on their letterhead.  The letter had each person’s name merged into the letter.  They were in hand addressed envelopes with a sticky note on the inside that said: ‘Hope to see you at IHRSA!  -Dick’  And as you can see, it made the trade show a huge success!

…  We had a line at the start of the show; people with letters in hand.  We have collected
at least 25 letters and more business cards for people who didn’t bring their letter.  We had more traffic in the first 90 minutes of this show than all of last year.  AND our booth was about 75 yards from the main entrance so people came straight to us.  It was very neat.

We received (Dick especially) so much thanks on the personalization of the letter.  Many said that is why they stopped by.  The letter made the show a success!  And we have 2 days to go.

Hope Wood (Indianapolis, IN)

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I want to thank you for your letters and support, I am getting a lot of response from the letters. You can show this letter everywhere except Daytona Beach and Atlanta GA. LOL keep up the good work.

Clifton W. Hodges

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