Tear Sheet Mailings Get Awesome Results

What is a tear sheet mailing?

A tear sheet mailing is a direct mail piece that is written to look like an article from a magazine or newspaper about you or your business.  It explains the benefits of your service without having a clear call to action.  The call to action appears to simply be a resource for the reader to get more information about the business or service mentioned in the article.

Sample tear sheet mailing piece.

How are tear sheet mailings best delivered?

Tear sheet mailings should always be delivered in a hand addressed envelope.  We at Upper Hand Marketing pride ourselves on mailing all of our envelopes in hand addressed envelopes.   In fact, we don’t ever use fonts.  The envelopes for your tear sheets should also use first class stamps

What should be written on the note on the tear sheet?

Tear sheets should always have a personal touch.  The person’s first name should always be on the mail piece.  The note should mention in some way how you thought of them.

Do tear sheets have to be from a real magazine or newspaper?

Technically, yes, a tear sheet is a reproduced article that appears to be torn from a magazine or newspaper.  However, tear sheets don’t have to be from a real newspaper or magazine.  In fact, as you probably saw in the October GKIC newsletter, you can simply send a copy of a magazine or newspaper article.  If you are mailing a ‘copy’ of a tear sheet, just mention it either on the sticky note, or in the note written on the tear sheet that says you copied this for them.Newspaper tear sheet sample.

What should be printed on the back of a tear sheet?

The back of a tear sheet should appear to be from the magazine or newspaper the article ‘came’ from.  Typically a stock sheet is printed on the back of a newspaper tear sheet.  For a magazine tear sheet, another article is typically written for the back side of the mail piece.

Tear Sheet Mailings are an exceptional way for you to market your business or service.

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