Learn How To Get Off Market Self Storage Owners Calling You With Awesome Yellow Letter Results.

If you are looking to add multiple self storage facilities to your portfolio, or maybe just one.  And you really want to find them ‘off market’, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read.

It was just another Friday, or so it seemed.  I received an email from Henry, a good friend of mine, telling me I should meet his brother-in-law Chris.  That we should do some business together.

So, I give Chris a call.  I explain to him that we, at Upper Hand Marketing, do direct mail marketing campaigns for investors and get property owners to call them directly.

Chris is extremely interested in seeing what we can do together.

He informs me he lives in Palm Springs, he has a plane, and wanted to know if we could meet at the airport that afternoon.

Sure, it was a Friday afternoon and I could make some time to meet.

A couple of hours later and we are shaking hands, enjoying some chips and salsa and a drink, getting to know each other.

It turns out that Chris is a member of a self storage investing group.  They are actively buying self storage facilities and are looking for more.

They really like off market properties, as that is where the best deals are.

They are looking to add 10 to 12 self storage facilities to their portfolio in the next 12 months.

Through our conversation, I learn Chris and his team have an amazing system.  They have systemized the self storage business to a ‘T’.

They have figured out how to walk into a self storage facility, see where all the money is being made, and lost, and quickly determine the true value of a business.

So, after a coke or two and discussing what their objectives were, I had a great understanding of what they wanted.

I explained to them all the basics of what we do.  How we put together marketing campaigns that get amazing yellow letter results, for residential and commercial buyers.[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • We get the list of self storage owners
  • We clean the list to the same extent as we would if we were mailing personally
  • We hand address all the letters, so they get opened
  • We craft a custom letter for you, so you get the best results
  • We mail the letters directly to the property owners and get them to call you
  • We work WITH YOU to get you amazing yellow letter results
[/green_tick_1_list]Also explained to Chris that one key thing we do is offer exclusivity to all of our clients.

“What does exclusivity mean?” he asked.

“Well, when someone places an order with us, the first thing we do is check to see if someone else is already mailing in that area with us.  If there is, we discuss targeting another area.  If not, then it is open and they can market there with us.

“How much extra does that cost?”

“It’s included in all of our orders.  It is one of the things that makes us different from everyone else.  It is how we would want to be treated.”

“All of our clients really appreciate knowing that we aren’t selling the same list and mailing similar letters to the same people for multiple clients.”

“Great, so let’s get started.”

“OK, I’ll do some research to see how many self storage owners we can find in the areas you want, and we will get the letters going out from there.”

After acquiring the self storage mailing list, we ended up with right at 1100 owners to mail to.

We decided we would mail out 300 per week until we were done.  We got Chris his own phone number so he didn’t have to give out his cell phone number.  And we forwarded all the calls to the number he gave us.

That gave us the ability to track his results and gave him the ability to have a California number and market throughout the country, but appear to be a local.

So, we put the marketing machine into gear and started turning out letters and dropping them in the mail.  And Chris’ phone started ringing and the marketing was proving, yet again to have great yellow letter results.

Here is the actual call log from Chris’ self storage letter campaign showing the yellow letter results he got:

Chris' self storage yellow letter results call log

Chris' AMAZING Self Storage Yellow Letter Results from ONLY 1100 Yellow Letters.

Note: The yellow letter results call log above is the actual information directly from our logs.

As you can see, that is a lot of calls from one marketing campaign.  And not only a lot of calls, they are a lot of good calls.

The first column shows the date.  Then the caller ID of the caller, then Chris’ phone number (yes the caller IDs were modified to protect both the callers and Chris).  Then the number of seconds they talked, and finally the count of Unique inbound calls.

Here is the math for you:  64 Unique Callers / 1100 Letters = 5.8% RESPONSE RATE.

Just in case you have never done a direct mail campaign…a 5.8% response is AMAZING.

In the world of direct mail, a 1% = Home Run.  5.8% is OUT OF THE PARK!

Awesome Yellow Letter Results!  Look how many called multiple times!  Look how long the calls were.

We Work With You to Maximize Your Commercial Yellow Letter Results.

Last time I talked to Chris he had 3 properties under contract from this campaign, and looking forward to more.

Today, people are out there picking up self storage facilities left and right using yellow letter results just like this.

When you are ready to add a self storage facility or two to your investing portfolio and want to get yellow letter results like Chris, give us a call at 619-565-1411 or email us at James@UpperHandMarketing.

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