• What would 5 private lenders mean for your business?
  • Would you be more confident talking to that next seller knowing you can close on a deal?
  • Would you be more aggressive in finding deals?
  • Is having consistent funding the one item that you can’t seem to fix to grow your business?
  • Would 5 additional private lenders take your business to the next level?

I can help. You see…

A couple of weeks ago, Thursday March 24th to be exact, I was talking with one of my business partners and he mentioned that he had a friend (a person who buys hotels) that was having some issues finding funding for one of his deals.

I won’t go into the particulars, but suffice it to say, he is paying a nice percentage and is even willing to bring the lender on-board as an equity partner on the deal.

During the discussion with my partner, I said, “I know the EXACT list to help him out”.   And I know the EXACT letter to mail.

Within the hour, I have the list and by Tuesday the letters are in the mail.  214 letters.
One week after I find out about the problem, his phone is ringing with a potential lender and they are meeting in person the following day to continue the discussion.

And within the next 5 days he gets 4 more phone calls, all from private lenders wanting to lend him money.

So, what is the list, and how can you use it?

It is a list of private lenders that have loaned money to others to purchase real estate within the last year.

And it gets better, I can even narrow it down by what type of property they loaned against.

It doesn’t matter if you are buying hotels, apartments, self storage, or single family homes.  I can get a list of lenders, that we can mail to, so you can create new relationships and do more deals.

Now, as you know, I could be charging HUGE dollars for this service.  I could charge $1000 at least to have exclusive rights to market to these lenders in each county.  And someday I may.  Heck, I know people that charge THOUSANDS of dollars to coach people to just get them to this point… talking with REAL lenders.

For now, I am going to offer this list bundled with letters for only $2.50 each.  I know it is more than the letters usually cost but this is a VERY HOT list and could be the difference between you being in business next year or not.

To get started and have the exclusive rights to YOUR county, email me:

  • the property type or types you want lenders for
  • the county or counties you want to target

and we can have your phone ringing in the next week with private lenders anxious to be involved in growing your business.

To Your Success,

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