Marketing Letter

marketing letterIf you’re looking to add multiple self-storage places to your portfolio then you need to read more about creating a perfect marketing letter. A Marketing Letter will help you bring leads into you with doing little to no work at all.

Let me tell you my marketing  story. I received an email from a friend of mine telling me that I had to meet his brother in law Chris. I called Chris and explained what Upper Hand Marketing was all about. I told him to put together a letter and do direct mail marketing campaigns in order to get property owners to call them directly.

After I explain to him more about getting a letter together he was ready to meet up as quickly as possible.

Get The Right Marketing Letter For Your Business

Chris just so happens to be part of the self-storage investing group and was extremely interested in finding out more about how a marketing letter can help him business. Chris talked about how his investing group was all about off market properties and that was where the best deals were.

As we were discussing our game plan and how to get more clients by using a marketing letter I realized that Chris had a great system on how he makes money.

Bring In Clients With The Right Marketing Letter

They discovered a way how to walk into a self-storage place and find out where they are making most of their money. They then take this information and determine how much a business is really worth.

I began to tell Chris about everything we do and how we use a letter to bring in people. What we do is get a list of self-storage owners, we then clean the list and send a highly targeted marketing letter to each person, and we make sure that all of the letters are hand addressed. This helps with having people open the letters that we sent. We also craft a custom letter in order to get the best results when working with a marketing letter. We also mail the letters directly to the people. The marketing letters work in getting them to pick up the phone.

If you want to find out more about having potential clients picking up the phone after reading your perfected marketing letter, get in touch with us.