• What paper is used?

o We use either notebook paper or yellow legal paper, your choice.

• What envelope is used?

o We use white invitation envelopes for all levels of service.  Our customers have received the best response with them.  If you prefer to use #10 standard business envelopes, just ask.

• What is placed on the return address label?

o We recommend a simple street address with no name, but will put on whatever you like.

• Are the envelopes handwritten?

o Yes the address is, the return address is a label, unless you want to upgrade to fully handwritten, call for pricing.

• Are the sticky notes handwritten?

o Yes they are all handwritten.

• What type of stamp do you use?

o We always use a 44-cent first class stamp. We try to stay away from the flag or bell stamps when we can, but on occasion they are all we can find. Presently we are using state flag stamps.

• How do I pay for this service?

o We will email you an invoice for you to pay through Pay Pal. Any major credit card is accepted. Or if you prefer, we can take your credit card over the phone.

• Are there limitations on the number of letters?

o We have removed all minimum orders, however orders less than 100 will incur an art fee, call for details.  And there is no limit on the number of letters we will do.

o In case you want to mail out a set number of letters a week (like to a foreclosure list), we are the only letter shop that we know of that will set you up with an ongoing tab.  As you receive your mailing list, send it to us and we will send out the letters and keep track of your balance.  For this service we simply ask that you prepay for the estimated amount of letters you will be mailing per month.

• Can I supply my own list?

o Yes you can.

• Do you manage the lists you provide?

o Yes, we maintain a file on each client.

• What lists can you provide?

o We can provide homeowners, bankruptcies and people. Please see our list page for further details, or call if you are looking for something you don’t see.

• How long does it take to receive our letters?

o Our typical turn around time for 500 letters is 5 business days. You will be notified, by email, as soon as your order of letters are dropped in the mail.

• Do you provide what will be written on the letter?

o No, in order to ensure we don’t encroach on copy written material, we require our clients to provide what the letters will say.  Unless you would like to hire us to write your letter.  The fee is $200 per marketing letter.

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