Have you ever wondered How To Build A Buyers List?

This story will help simplify how to build a buyers list…and maybe it will spark an idea or two in you.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with my friend, Otto.  He tells me that he just ran into a friend that he hasn’t seen in a while…they were catching up and it turns out this guy is now selling ‘Turn-Key’ rental properties in Michigan and that they could use some help moving them.  Otto asked me if I had any ideas.

After a pondering the question for a little while and researching the list possibilities.  I called Otto back.  I told him I’ve got it figured out.  Not just the list, but the letter too.

This is the ONE for this opportunity.

So after discussing with Otto that the problem most of these ‘turn-key’ sellers isn’t that their product is bad.

In fact it is usually great.

The problem they have is they work too hard trying to convince people that it is great.

They spend too much time trying to convince ‘non’ real estate investors that they should invest in real estate.

Building a Buyers List 101…

What they should do is simply find people that have purchased similar properties and sell them more.

Well, that is exactly what we did…we mailed letters to the 137 people that had purchased similar properties in the same area in the last year or so.

We told them that we have properties that they may be interested in.

We gave them the rough numbers…enough to wet their appetite.

You know, numbers like…a purchase price of $36K, rent of $800 a month, and a net cash flow of $503.33 per month.  Typical turn-key rental numbers.

Great opportunity, of course, if that is what you are looking for.

And we told them that we had more in the pipeline and if they wanted to be notified whenever we get any more in, to give us a call.

Well they did.Turn-Key Buyers List

I’m not going to tell you that our phone was ringing off the hook, but I will tell you that we were getting one or two calls a day and after the first week, we had 11 ‘Solid’ buyers of turn-key rental properties.  Our buyers list was well on it’s way.

Now, I’m not here to brag or anything, but an 8% response rate from the first mailing is pretty good.  Definitely a worthwhile way to build a buyers list.

And having started relationships with 11 ‘Solid’ buyers is a really good thing.  11 people on a Buyer List from ONE mailing is Awesome!

Anyway…if you have a similar opportunity sitting in your lap right now, or you have some properties you would like to move, but don’t have buyers for…

Give us a call at 619-565-1411.

We would love to discuss some marketing possibilities to help you out.  Who knows, maybe we have already figured out the mailing list and the letter for your situation.

Maybe the question you should be asking yourself, is “How Can I Use Building a Buyers List to Grow My Business?”

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