Your Next Off Market Deal, Coming Right Up...

Everyone thinks that to get an Off Market Deal in the real estate game, you need to have the perfect mailing list, the perfect letter, and be a master sales person.

But really, it isn’t as complicated as you might thing.

Yes, there are better mailing lists than others, but typically each mailing list can and should be selected more for the ‘type’ of deal you are looking to do.

For instance, if you are looking to do a wholesale deal then you don’t want to target people that are upside down.  A better list would be absentee owners with some equity, so you can negotiate a deal.

And if you are looking to do a rehab project and want your crew working next week, you aren’t going to target short sale candidates today.  A smarter list for rehabs would be people who have lived in a home for 10 years or more and are over a certain age.

So, you need to be seasoned in selecting mailing lists and use some common sense.

And, some letters work better than others, but what goes On a letter is probably more important than who does it for you.

Your letter needs to be clear and concise, and NOT hiding the fact that you are an investor.

You should go with someone with a tried and true letter that gets your phone to ring, and ring, and ring.

And don’t try to be cheap me, mailing postcards instead of letters will be a large and costly mistake.

One of my partners tried it recently...he thought he could mail $1000 worth of postcards and get the same response as our letters...boy was he upset when he got ZERO calls.

Convincing him to keep mailing letters is a piece of cake now.

As for being a master sales person, I’ll let you in on a little need to do what you were told to do as a child.

Listen twice as much as you talk.

You will learn so much more if you speak, and then listen, I promise you.

Of course, knowing what to say when you do speak is important also along with being comfortable saying it, so in that case, you should probably look for someone to consult you on what your process looks like.

In fact, I have a process that I use with my it is:

So, if you just want to skip the learning curve and get closing off market deals as quickly as possible...that’s simple.

In fact, you can have an Off Market Deal under contract in the next couple of weeks.

And I’d like to help you.

You see, I’ve been coaching my apprentices for a while now and I’d like to share what I have learned with You.

I looked over what I have and what I can do for you and this is what I came up with:

  1. I can get you phone to ring...I KNOW that.
  2. I can guide people in getting offers made and Off Market Deals under contract...done that too.

I looked over the numbers...and on average, with every 600 letters we mail for people, they get 1 Off Market Deal under contract, sometimes more.

For the next 10 orders, I’m going to offer my coaching to you for free with your order of 600 letters.  Yes...the same amount to get you the One Deal.

So, here is the order 600 letters...we will mail them for you, and your phone will ring, and ring, and ring...and I will coach you for the next month (2 hours per week max, in 30 min intervals) to help you get your next deal under contract.

To see if your area is available for this program...simply provide your information above and we will get in touch with you in the next day.

And of course...when we work together, you WILL get Off Market Deals under contract...that’s what we are here for.

Of course, if you have any questions...feel free to call me directly.  My name is James, my number is 619-565-1411.

Have a Wonderful Day!