The Done-For-You Real Estate Marketing Solution For Real Estate Investors.

real estate marketingUpper Hand Marketing has helped hundreds of real estate investors from around the country to apply direct response marketing strategies to make money in real estate. We focus on helping small real estate investors to start their businesses, as well as helping experienced real estate investors and investment groups take their businesses to the next level.  No matter what part of the real estate triangle you are having challenges in, we are here to help.

Having said this, here is what we do for real estate investors:
  • We get OFF MARKET sellers calling you directly in 9 days or less.
  • We get PRIVATE LENDERS calling you directly in 9 days or less.
  • We get REAL BUYERS calling you directly in 9 days or less.
And It’s Done-For-You in 3 Easy Steps:

1. You tell us specifically:

  • which part/parts of the Real Estate Marketing Triangle you want to target
  • what type of deals you are doing (Short Sale, Fix and Flip, Etc.)
  • where you want to market to (State, County, City, Zip Codes)

i.e.: Sellers of Single Family Homes, Short Sales, in San Diego County

2. We get a highly targeted list that fits your criteria and market to them.
3. Your phone rings and your Business GROWS with the help of Marketing Letters

Bottom line, we’re here to help real estate investors, like you, make more money.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Ya, Right”… So Click Here to see what other real estate investors are saying…

So what this means to you is:
  • You find deals at better prices than what’s on the market, making you more money.
  • 90-95% of owners who call you are NOT listed and off market, which saves you time by having 1 on 1 conversations directly with the property owner… no middlemen wasting your time. Succeed with Direct Mail Marketing.
  • You can proactively target your portfolio growth… getting the exact types of properties you want in the exact areas you want.
  • You talk to private lenders directly, getting the funding you need to grow your business.
  • No need to pay the high prices of Hard Money when you have your own private lenders found by using high Yellow Letter tactics.
  • You build a buyers list of your own so you can focus on the next step, which is finding them deals. Find them with Direct Mail Services
  • You immediately have an entire Real Estate Marketing arm for your company for less than the cost of a third-rate assistant who spills coffee and forgets the cream & sugar.
Here’s how to get started:

Click here to fill out a simple request form to schedule your FREE 15 Min consultation on taking your Real Estate business to the next level.

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